Well this is a little old since I didn’t get the chance to upload it last weekend. It appears some genius didn’t like waiting for his food from a local fast food joint and called 911 on Ronald McDonald. Even after being told multiple times that his “issues” do not constitute an emergency he keeps calling back. Thankfully the police that he keeps trying to order with his happy meal finally come to arrest him for calling 911 and wasting the emergency services capabilities.


Sure this article is over a year old, but I feel it is important to stay informed about great tits. Besides the article’s awesome alliterative title makes me all warm inside.

This week the issue is drug abuse and how it affects wallabies. Apparently a bunch of Australian marsupials are getting high on life . . . and a little bit of opium. This leads them to hopping around randomly and falling down a lot creating crop circles. Officials first thought they were just having raves, but couldn’t find any DJ’s to corroborate their suspicions.

Apologies for last week, but I was on vacation so I didn’t have time to find a moron. This week however I found a great one.

It isn’t too hard to find a moronic thing done by PETA. Pretty much doing the electronic equivalent of tossing a dart at their website will probably yield two or three laughable moments. This past weeks crusade takes the cake though.

The recent media hullabaloo over President Obama swatting a fly has raised the ire of our good friends at PETA. Apparently killing an insect with the lifespan measured in hours is a symptom of a diseased human race. Well I guess it takes one to know one. 🙂

Name that Movie

I got a bunch of cheap DVD’s on sale at Best Buy yesterday so I think it’s time to play a new game. I’ll give a quote (and possibly more down the line) and let’s see if anyone can guess the movie.

Bill Murray – Maybe the real God uses tricks. Maybe he’s not omnipotent. He’s just been around so long he knows everything.

Good Luck. 🙂

This weeks honoree is the man that used to be Coach, Craig T. Nelson. And no he is not a moron for being on a sitcom. 😉 He earned this particular honor in a recent interview with Glenn Beck. Though if you do not want to watch the whole thing you can try the transcript instead.

He might have won this week with declaring that he won’t pay taxes because he is being taxed without representation, but too many people make that ridiculous statement for this to single him out. Instead I am awarding him this post for his other brilliant insight.

OK, I go into business, I don’t make it, I go bankrupt. They’re not going to bail me out.

I’ve been on food stamps and welfare. Anybody help me out? No. No.

I guess the Coach does not think that free food and money from the government constitutes “help.”

Honorable mention goes out to Moshe Kai Cavalin. Sure he’s an 11-year old prodigy that just graduated college and has won multiple national martial arts championships, but how dare he say that playing video games is “not helping humanity in any way.” Someone needs to rent The Last Starfighter again.

If vampires are supposedly evil for drinking blood, why is it holy when Catholics drink Jesus/God’s blood every week?